Unique Adoptions | Adoption facilitator in Murrieta, CA Unique Adoptions | Adoption facilitator in Murrieta, CA Unique Adoptions | Adoption facilitator in Murrieta, CA
Unique Adoptions | Adoption facilitator in Murrieta, CA

Uniquely Qualified to Assist Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents

Our over 600 successful adoption testimonials tell the story

Adoption Testimonials - AnnDear Friends, after a miscarriage over ten years ago, my husband and I found ourselves searching for a way to have a baby. We went through...

Matt, Annie and Mattie

Adoption Testimonials - CarolDave and I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and effort you put into our adoption process...

Carol and Dave

Adoption Testimonials - KelliThe staff at Unique was amazing and helped us enter this wonderful, life-changing world of parenthood. From connecting us with great...

Kelli, Doug and Casey

Adoption Testimonials - KarlaWe recognize the fact that without Unique Adoptions, this opportunity would not have been a reality for us and Levi may not...

Louis, Karla and Family

Adoption Testimonials - SarahI am not quite sure how to thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have given me the greatest gift someone could give....

Sarah Lowensteinely

Adoption Service News

Unique Adoptions Receives 2010 Best of Murrieta Award
February 12th, 2012

Unique Adoptions, Inc. Receives 2010 Best of Murrieta Award

Welcome to the Unique Adoptions Website!

Adoption Services for Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents
Uniquely Qualified To Assist Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents

Looking for nationwide adoption agencies that specialize in newborn adoption? You will find that a reputable facilitator is hard to find, but that is not the case with Unique Adoptions.

Unique Adoptions is a highly successful nationwide adoption facilitator in Murrieta, CA. We were founded in 1994 by Patrice Hill with the goal of bringing families together. Patrice, an adoptive mother herself, knows first-hand the joy that a caring birthmother brings to an adoptive family. We specialize in infant adoption only. And we pride ourselves on taking a unique approach to each and every adoption. What this means to you is more time spent on the issues that matter most to you in the adoption process.

The Unique Adoption experience is very different from that of a large adoption agency. With Unique Adoptions you will not get lost in the crowd. Yet we are as competitive as the larger agencies, and have as much experience. The expertise we've gained over our seventeen years of operation make the adoption process very positive for both birthmothers and adoptive parents.

Different from an adoption agency, as a professional adoption facilitating service we consult with our clients and coordinate networking efforts to help locate a child to adopt. We assist birthmothers as well as adoptive parents in making the right choices for their families.

Here are just some of the reasons our clients tell us they appreciate our service

  • One-on-one appointments for adoption orientation - no group meeting
  • Licensed, bonded, certified caseworkers
  • Personalized adoption plans
  • Immediate hospital placement - no foster care
  • Nationwide assistance
  • Confidential adoptions available
  • Birthmothers relocation program
  • A Client Relations Department to handle any situation that may occur with adoptive parents
  • A successful advertising program that is very competitive with the larger agencies
  • Outstanding relationships with numerous American Academy of Adoption Attorneys members, who work hand-in-hand with our Adoption Program
  • Better Business Bureau membership
  • Careful attention paid to every detail
  • More time spent one-on-one
  • Even our fees are much lower than the larger agencies

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