Supporting You:  Adoption Services for Birthmothers


young mother and newborn baby

To give birth means to bring a new life into the world. When you are pregnant, many questions may be running through your mind--and that is natural. Another consideration is whether you are ready to raise a child. Making the best decision for your child’s future will be a crucial one. Above all, it is important to remember that help is available during this special moment of your and your baby’s lives.

You may be feeling scared, vulnerable, and alone. Have strength in knowing that Unique Adoptions is here to help. We provide adoption services for birthmothers. With us at your side, you can make the right decisions for your child.

Everyone has unique circumstances. We understand what you are going through, and we can help. Whether you are navigating a first-time pregnancy, are expecting a hard-to-place child, or have a unique situation, we have a highly personalized approach to adoption.

Guiding You through the Important Questions

Placing your child for adoption is an act of love. You are making the decision to bring your child into this world while also allowing them to pursue the best possible opportunities. This will be one of the most important choices you will ever make. At the same time, you may be inundated with many questions, such as:

  • Can I stay in touch with my baby?
  • Can I stay in touch after the relocation?
  • What is open adoption?
  • What is a confidential adoption?
  • Can I get help with housing?
  • Can I get help with career training?
  • What is a closed adoption?

At Unique Adoptions, we are firm believers in empowering people with knowledge. We will answer your questions and also encourage you to take part. Additionally, we will also serve as your guide as you transition into this new period in your life.

Services for Mothers and their Children

We are more than an adoption agency. Our team is committed to helping mothers to make meaningful change. We are a birthmothers’ support group that offers career training, housing and relocation assistance, and maintaining connections with adoptive families.

Birthmothers are our top priority. We do more than help you find the ideal family for your child.

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